BA Magic is proud to be able to bring magic and mentalism to any event imaginable. On the top menu of the page you will find a drop down arrow where you will find more specific information for different types of shows. However just because you do not see a listing for what you have in mind please click this link to go to our contact page and send me what you have in mind and I will work to get you what you need.

BA Magic at this time performs in the area from Kansas City, MO down to Oklahoma City, OK and from there as far as Bentonville on up to St. Louis , MO*. Anywhere in that coverage area of the four states roughly 4 hours from NE Oklahoma is where we are currently accepting bookings from. (Unless of course the price is right. *hint)


*BA Magic is available for corporate events nationwide. Local shows will only be available within the 4 state area of OK, MO, AR and KS.