BA Magic can not wait to entertain your next party. Be it a retirement, graduation, birthday or just any reason you want to get together and celebrate. (Maybe see a magician up close *wink wink) I am excited to bring laughter and excitement to your next party.

I perform what us magicians like to call close up or walk around magic. This is magic that happens right in front of you. I casually walk around the party and introduce myself to guests and entertain them right there. Miracles so close you won’t believe it.

After your guests enjoy their dinner or what not we gather around the stage (or designated area) and I entertain them with mind bending illusions and comedy.

Magic is one of those things most people will rarely see and always remember. Wouldn’t you like to say the same for your party.

Please head on over to our contact page for quick answers to any and all questions you may have and also to book any show you may want. We can’t wait to hear from you.