This Magician’s Blog

Hey guys I know it’s been a while. With some events happening in real life the blog took a backseat for a minute. However I am back to writing again. Yay! Right? Well maybe not but here I am anyways.

The first thing you may notice if you have checked out my entries before is that I have changed the name of my blog. There are several reasons why I did this. The main reason is that my focus in magic has shifted a little in the recent month. While I love performing on stage, pure mentalism (mind reading) just did not fit with what I wanted from show. I like mental tricks and psychology but I also love visual effects and that moment you get in magic you don’t get in the same way from mentalism. Plus it just isn’t as suited to my personality which, at least in my view, doesn’t have that more serious I have special mind reading powers persona. People just look at me like I am crazy. Plus it’s just too real life for me. I prefer the fantastical. Fantasy is my favorite genre of books, movies and video games mostly because of magic.

So anyways I have shifted towards more conventional magic, specifically close up and coin magic. My fingers are about wore to nothing from handling coins the past two months. Why coins you may wonder? Well I am a fidgety person and coins have sometimes been my outlet for that. So I was fairly familiar with coins and could already perform some of the sleights and exercises involved in coin magic. Plus Miami, OK is a pretty small place with not a lot of job opportunities for me. Even including surrounding areas like Joplin, Mo and Tulsa. Focusing on coin magic and other close up magic right now allows me to try to get jobs at restaurants.

Of course I still have my stage show and am actually working on a much better stage show like nothing you all have ever seen before. I wish I could tell you more about it but I don’t want the ideas getting leaked out. As soon as I get all the details on that worked out I will be booking a stage in the area to perform a show.

Anyways I am not sure where I was going with the blog this time. It had been a while and I just wanted to make sure I started writing again. My life has mostly been filled with practicing new routines and moves but my son and I just got back from a vacation as well. We went with my family up to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. It’s a huge amusement park known mostly for the amount of roller coasters it has. Since my son is only five we didn’t do much roller coasting but we did have a blast. They had two different little Peanuts themed parks for him and he loved all the rides. They also had a beach and a water park we spent a good deal of time in even though it was still pretty cold up there sometimes. Overall my son had a wonderful time which was the whole point and I got a little break from magic and work for a week.

Well thank you all again for reading my blog. Have a wonderful week and I hope you come back and visit again.


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