Thought Readers Journal

Hello All,

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog. This week’s entry will be short but hopefully sweet. I have spent much of the last week reading. Not magic books but sales and personal relations books. The leader among those being Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

I read a lot. I always have and enjoy it immensely. Mostly in the past I have read for pleasure. Fiction books mostly filled with heroic stories of people overcoming vast odds against hordes of goblins or the like. (Nerd alert.) I never imagined I would enjoy and get so much out of one book. I don’t want to explain in to much detail what the book is about because you ALL should read this book. The insights and advice in this book are invaluable. It has been read the world over millions of times since it was published in 1932. Take the time to read it.

Aside from reading books this week has been filled mostly with learning some new material. I am going through a little crisis in what it is I want out of magic. Granted I loved what I do and wouldn’t dream of stopping. But this week I have been wondering a lot about the direction within Magic I have been pursuing. I have not really come up with any answers yet but the questions themselves have been driving me this week.

Oh yes and for those of you keeping up. I did not perform last night at the comedy club. The reason will maybe become more clear in the coming weeks but I am adjusting a few things and just didn’t have anything ready to show last night. I could of performed something else from my repertoire, but I felt better taking this month off to just focus on my current project. I will be back next month.

Thanks again for reading this. See you all next week.



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