Thought Reader’s Journal

Hello All,

It has been a fairly standard week here at BA Magic. No new gigs lined up yet. Mostly spending time writing up a brand new act. The great things about this act is these will all be my own variation or in some cases completely new routines that are all mine. It is very rewarding to actually work on original content, even if it is extremely difficult at times. Totally worth the effort.

Don’t want to get carried away talking about scripting this week. Though I do plan a lessons learned blog on scripting your routine. But not until after I have finished writing mine (of course). This week I wanted to talk about a different lessons learned. Cold calling.

Cold calling is a lot like scripting in it is one of those things no one likes doing. The anxiety of talking to a stranger and requesting something from them can feel overwhelming. I have found that if you take it and separate into its parts it can become a much easier exercise. I have been doing a lot of cold calling these last two weeks. As I mentioned in my last entry, I have been calling retirement homes in an attempt to get in some more stage experience.

Ok, so you want to start cold calling. Well first decide which market you will be calling. I suggest separating the different type of markets and doing them on separate days. This allows for more unique experience at the very least for each market if not for each customer. Once you have your market decided upon, old folk’s homes in my examples, you can start writing your script. Ahh geez you said we weren’t doing scripts today. Well I lied a little. See you will need a script to help keep you on track with what you want to say. When you call these places you want to sound professional and knowledgeable. Well that is pretty much impossible when your sentences are filled with umm… or other pauses and mannerisms which lets the person you are speaking to know that you haven’t done this before or thought this out well. Chances are if you haven’t taken the care to sound professional and together on the phone how will your act look? That is exactly what Joe Businessman on the other end is thinking, Because he knows that if he was going to call someone he would know exactly what he was going to say and how he would say it. This script doesn’t need to be near as detailed or long as your act script. This is more like an outline that you can refer back to. It allows you to organize what you want to say with the maximum impact. Trust me if you want to be taken seriously then take what you are doing seriously.

Next after you have gotten your script/outline written it will be time for research. Sit down and your computer and pull up excel or word and your internet browser. If you don’t have a computer then you better get one. Its near impossible to prosper these days without it. Now start using google to find phone numbers to call. Search out the companies you want to call. Find out a little about them. Then write it down in a table in excel or word. Keep things like: phone number, contact name, company name, address, and any comments you need. After you compile that list set up a color code for the table that signifies whether you have called them, emailed them, strong lead for the future, pending booking, booked, Completed and Rehireable, Complete and defunct. This will help you keep order and know what you have done where.

Now that you have your nice table all made of potential clients in a market we need to pick which to call first. You will probably see many places while you are looking up numbers that look preferable to others. Whether it’s the pics on the website or the general atmosphere conducted by them you may want XYZ corp more than ABC corp. So go through and highlight your favorites first. Now every day you sit down to call place. Pick a few of your favorites, not all, and call them first to get you started that day. You will much more excited to call and talk to them and it will set a good track for the rest of the calls.

Well now you know at least what I have gleaned these past few weeks calling people. I don’t profess to know everything or even very much. I just wanted to share my experience with you. Most of you viewing my blog are potential clients or friends at this point and probably have little interest in magic as a profession. But hopefully what I said will transcend a little and help you in your life.  Thanks again for the read. Drop me a comment or email if you want to discuss or debate my opinions. See you all next week.

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