Thought Reader’s Journal

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this week’s journal entry. A lot happened this last week with the Spring Fling performance the comedy club and my grandpa’s funeral was yesterday. It has made for a long and stressful week for me and I was extremely relieved to be able to breathe again yesterday afternoon.

Well my first big thing this last week was the comedy club. I always love performing there and it is very low stress for me. Why you may wonder? Well I am not a comedian. I do not even think of myself as a comedy mentalist. So why would I perform at a comedy club? Well they let me is a damn big reason. I will perform anywhere someone lets me because frankly I need the practice and experience. The people who go to the club to watch comedians don’t seem to mind because it gives them a break from comedy for a few mins to enjoy something they may never see in their lives. (Because Mentalists are not very common not just because I am awesome) All of those things make it low stress for me. I will probably never win the comedy competition but to be honest I would rather not because those comedians work very hard to be funny and I am sort of hijacking their time. On to the performance, I had decided to test my version of names and places, a routine in which I divine a thought of famous name and place from a couple. Like I stated above I was not very nervous about the performance because I am comfortable in the environment but I was excited to perform it for them as I feel it is a very strong effect. I didn’t have many to choose from when it came time, as once again I drew the last or near last slot. I made a few mistakes through the routine mostly with the microphone which I always have a devil of a time handling. Overall though I feel it went well and definitely feel as if I am moving forward and improving as a performer. I finished almost last again but I have only a few sparse moments of comedy and I am not a comedian so that’s fine. Several people came and expressed befuddlement and appreciation for what I did so I think it turned out great. I look forward to next month. The other performers that night were actually very few but still packed in a solid performance with only occasional dark spots. I was extremely pleased that some of my best friends could make it out to see me perform. Thank you very much both of you for your support. (You too Keith even though you left before I performed)

Next up was the big show on Saturday. This show I was getting increasingly nervous about. I hadn’t performed all of these effects in the routine together before but I had them scripted and had practiced and performed them separately. The venue was what worried me most. I had never performed outside for people before. I wasn’t sure what the seating or attendance would be like. How well could I get volunteers to stage? Could I go to them? What kind of equipment they would have setup and what I would need to bring. (As far as sound) Well after hurriedly scrambling all day because of my son’s baseball game I arrived with a shamefully small amount of time before I was to be on stage. (20 mins for those sadists out there) It gave me very little time to scout the stage or to go and round people up for the show. I talked to the event host who told me they wanted to run through the car show awards quickly before my show as people were getting a little antsy about the heat. (One of the first hot days of the year. I was dying out there and can’t blame them for a minute.) This proved to be not so good for my show as people quickly gathered for the awards but even more quickly go out after they were handed out.(Did I mention it was hot!) They were able to use my headset mic and I had a fairly decent range on it. There wasn’t many people and they were sort of scattered over a large area which made it a little difficult to get spectators involved. However I think the how went pretty well. The people that stayed seemed to really enjoy it and I only had one major hiccup in the routine. My one hiccup was with a book test routine in which I have a spectator select a random page in a book and I proceed to read the first line of the page while they look at it. It is a new routine I put in to help give the show more context and to help build the drama of the overall performance. I ended up having to abandon the routine part way because I mixed up all the steps. (Embarrassing!) Definitely something I need to devote more attention to but I think most of the problems I had are with my lack of experience. As I continue to do these I notice more and more things that I both improve and need to improve. I know my shows will only get better and better with time especially as I learn to adapt on the fly a little more and can handle those occasional mishaps with a little more flair. Overall I had a wonderful time and I think those that watched did as well. I look forward to many more shows like that one.

Well that was it for my magic this week. I don’t want to delve that much in my personal life but the funeral for grandpa went really well. I am thankful for everyone for coming and supporting us through this hard time. It is always hard to see someone you love go but I always try to keep in mind that for them the journey is finally over and they deserve the rest. I am happy for who he was and how he touched so many. Rest now grandpa and thank you. One more small note is that I may be getting an opportunity to perform at the local farmer’s market. Not sure yet as we haven’t worked out any details but it is looking good. Ill post on Facebook when I know for sure. Well thanks again ya’ll I am out.

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