Thought Reader’s Journal

This week has been rather tumultuous. My grandfather passed away this morning. He had been declining and health and I am just glad he is not suffering any longer.  Thank you for everything grandpa and good luck on your next leg of the journey.

All of you I am sure are aware at this point through all the posts and sharing on facebook that the Spring Fling is this weekend. I am so completely a wreck of nerves at this point. I was doing pretty well just kind of an excited nervousness until today. I know i am ready and that the show will be amazing but it always still gets me. The second guessing and tinkering with every moment because you are so nervous you can’t be comfortable.  The comedy open mic is tomorrow as well but i don’t feel near as nervous for that. The comedy club is quickly becoming a safe space for me to work out new material with just some great people. I have my ups and down there. Hell my first time on stage I tried a rope trick. While the trick worked perfectly my performance left much to be desired. I had and still am working everyday on pacing (which just means i ramble to fast) and delivery. I know i am finally ready for a full stage show and i just can’t wait for you all to see some of this stuff.

One of the hardest parts about designing this act has been the introduction. I am sure most people feel that way when writing anything. Starting is so important. You have to draw in your audience and start to build rapport and drama for what is coming. If you fail that the rest of the show will suffer. How then do i decide what to do? Well my process was honestly at first to borrow someone else’s opening. Personally i am of the opinion when you are starting out that you just need to perform. It doesn’t matter if the material is something someone else is doing. That sounds like stealing sure but when you are starting in magic or mentalism there is just so much to learn and the best way is to perform. You almost can’t learn to construct an act without first performing one. So take someone else’s and perform and you know what. After i did that and started practicing all these ideas for how to change and adapt the introduction for my personality started pouring out of me. I just needed to get my mind on the right track. At this point my intro is barely a shadow of the man’s i adapted it from. So if you are wanting to start magic or anything remember the key is to just start doing it. I know it sounds simple and it is but it isn’t. You will be fighting yourself and you can be your own worst enemy. Don’t let anything stand in your way even you.

Once again folks thank you for taking the time to read this. I promise they will probably become better and more structured with time. Good luck all.

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