Card Tricks Chosen

Hey guys hows it going Sid here. I am a young card magician and this is my blog. I am going to take some time to tell you a little about whats going on and what I work through on my road to becoming a renowned card magician. I think what drew me into card tricks is you can blow peoples minds on the smallest movements in cards and I love seeing the shock out of it. Not only do I enjoy it, I also enjoy doing balloon twisting as a side gig to do when i get tired of practicing cards. Let me tell you a little about my first gig.( As a balloon twister)

I actually got signed to my first gig in Nevada, Missouri it was a 4 hour job to do for a business doing their reopening and to be honest I was nervous as could be for my first job ever. So I took a deep breath in the car went inside once i met the manger and said my first hellos and they showed me where to set up. Still nervous as could be, the first kid came up and asked for a dog and I made a perfect dog and after that the nerves disappeared and I had the confidence to make any animal. As the day went on it was slow then it picked up near the end and I had a huge line of kids but got it all organized and made all the animals they wanted. Then before I knew it I made the last animal, looked up at the clock. My time was up. I thanked everyone and left and the thanks, smiles and experience I got out of the day was worth the 3 hour drive there and home.

That was quite the step up from my first bomb performance. Which I am dedicating my next blog to so I can give a proper account of everything I did, right and wrong, through my first stage performance. It was nice to build and work and fix some of the mistakes I made. I look forward to owning the skill of card tricks and look forward to upcoming shows where I can dazzle you all with the feats I have learned. I love working to learn the skills and techniques to perform to see that WoW! moment in someones face as you’ve made their day with a trick that blows their mind. Those moments are what keeps me pushing to perfect my tricks and perform it the point where I leave them with a mark that will last months is all worth it. Thank you all for taking your time to read my blog.Continue to look in the future as there will be more great things to come from BA Magic.

*I also promise to learn proper English grammar and writing technique so my partner doesn’t continue to have to edit all my work.

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